Wizkid unveils the music video for 'IDK'

Awarding winner Wizkid has teased the music video for his popular track on his 2023 'Soundman 2 EP'. The Nigerian superstar provided a four-track playlist including the tracks 'Ololufe' featuring Wade Coal, followed by 'Diamonds', 'Energy', and 'IDK'.

Wizkid initially announced that he was taking a break from music after the funeral of his mother however the superstar made a complete 360 and teased his upcoming EP. A lot of fans initially responded with doubt. Considering his track record of making commitments about new music that didn't come to fruition, it was simple to view this recent announcement as just another instance of false hope.

Before the initial release of 'IDK' from the Soundman 2 EP, wikid had made a statement via his social media, “Made idk days after I lost my mum. Life has been meaningless! But we dey. Sometimes you have to let everything go. Work with God". Now the afrobeat star has teased the music video for 'IDK' which comes out via YouTube at 9pm.

Masterfully directed by DK, the video isn't just a visual representation of the song; it's a magnified exploration of life's uncertainties and the ability to be resilient. This is proved in his lyrics, "Tough times don't last but tough people do, we go stand tall". The visuals seamlessly complement the infectious rhythm of the song. The cinematography and visuals are breathtaking, underscoring the artist's previous mention of working with God. In a specific moment within the music video, there is a shot featuring a tattoo on the artist's neck, displaying the word 'PRAY'.

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