Wizkid shines in new music video for 'Diamonds'

In the Nigerian music industry, certain events create ripples that are felt far and wide. This is particularly true when an artist of Wizkid's caliber makes a move. The recent activities of Wizkid have once again underscored this phenomenon. The buzz and excitement that ensued following his latest offering proves his undeniable influence and the high regard in which he is held, both by his fandom and the music industry at large.

This whirlwind of euphoria began when Wizkid, in a move that caught many by surprise, dropped his much-anticipated EP titled, S2 (Soundman Vol. 2). The release of the EP in the past few weeks has been nothing short of a seismic event in the music scene. Wizkid's ability to blend unique sounds and create music that resonates across continents is once again on full display in this collection. The EP has been a topic of discussion among fans and critics.

However, Wizkid's relentless pace didn't stop with the release of the EP. Wizkid quickly transitioned to the next phase of his 2024 campaign. He previously released the music video for his acclaimed collaboration with Zlatan titled, IDK. The video further amplified the excitement around his new body of work. But Wizkid was not done yet.

In his latest move, Wizkid has released the official music video for Diamonds, the smooth and melodious second track from the S2 EP. The music video is a captivating visual experience that impressively complements the track. It features Wizkid in a solitary room, a setting that might seem simple at first glance. However, the energy and vibe that Wizkid brings into this space are anything but ordinary. He immerses himself in the rhythm and essence of the song, delivering a performance that is both vibrant and powerful.

The music video for Diamonds, like several of Wizkid's previous visual projects, bears the hallmark of Director K's expert touch. Shot and directed by the highly skilled director for JM Films, the video pure clas in simplicity and effectiveness. Director K's ability to capture the essence of the song, coupled with Wizkid's charismatic presence, results in a music video that is not just visually appealing but also emotionally resonant.

Listen to Diamonds here.

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