M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, A-Q, Blaqbonez and Loose Kaynon unite for 'Chocolate City Cypher'

As a bastion of exceptional talents in the Nigerian music industry, Chocolate City celebrates a remarkable 20-year journey. Over these two decades, the label has become synonymous with nurturing some of the finest artists in the industry, boasting of breeding some of the greatest rappers in the country. As part of its dual celebration - honoring both its 20th anniversary and the monumental 50 years of hip-hop - Chocolate City orchestrates a grand reunion in its latest release, the Chocolate City Cypher.

This is not an ordinary cypher; it's a grand reunion and historic convergence of generational talents. It brings together the veterans who have contributed in shaping the Nigerian hip-hop scene – M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, and Loose Kaynon – with the explosive abilities of those holding the game right now - A-Q and Blaqbonez. This is an indication of Chocolate City's enduring legacy and its role in the evolving narrative of Nigerian hip-hop.

Each of these six rappers brings their unique flair to the cypher, delivering fiery bars with a fervor that speaks of undiminished passion and skill. Their performances are not just about the music; they're bold statements, showcasing the power and versatility of Nigerian hip-hop. This cypher is more than just a collection of verses; it's a showcase of raw, unbridled talent, proving that each artist, irrespective of their era, remains a formidable force in the industry.

For fans of Nigerian music, this cypher is a momentous occasion. It satisfies a deep-seated nostalgia, rekindling memories of the golden era when the J-town brothers - M.I, Jesse Jagz, and Ice Prince – dominated the scene in the latter half of the previous two decades and the early years of the last decade. Seeing these rappers reunite, alongside the fresh energy of newer artists, is a visual and auditory feast, a reminder of the rich lineup of talents that Chocolate City has always been known for.

Again, the Chocolate City Cypher is more than just a performance; it is a celebration of legacy, a bridge between eras, and an exhibition of the enduring power of Nigerian hip-hop. As these artists come together, they not only reminisce about the past but also forge new paths, setting the stage for more such collaborative and groundbreaking moments in the Nigerian music industry. This cypher isn't just satisfying for hip-hop fans; it's a beacon of inspiration, signaling that the best of Nigerian hip-hop, past, present, and future, is highly influenced by Chocolate City.

Listen to Chocolate City Cypher here.

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