Rema shares shares dynamic music video for 'DND'

When discussing the leading figures in the African music scene, Rema's name is indisputably among the top four artists in the country at the moment. His achievements speak volumes, especially being the only Afrobeats artist to have a song amass over a billion streams on Spotify as a lead artist. This monumental feat underscores his significant impact and influence in the music scene. However, despite this extraordinary accomplishment, Rema is not one to rest on his laurels. His drive and ambition propel him forward, continuously seeking to innovate and captivate the wolrd with fresh material.

His latest output, an experimental five-track EP that has been making waves. Off the EP, DND emerges as a standout track, swiftly becoming a fan favorite. Recognizing the song's popularity and responding to the fervent requests from his fans, Rema has promptly delivered the official music video for the track.

The music video for DND is quintessentially the upgraded Rema, brimming with creativity and visual allure. It features a series of scenes that are not only attractive but also dynamic, showcasing a variety of creative concepts that keep the viewer enthralled. This video is a vibrant tapestry that weaves together artistry and innovation, showcasing Rema's unique style and artistic vision.

A striking aspect of the video is the portrayal of Rema taking his rightful place in the music industry. The video's narrative positions Rema as H.I.M. This self-description is a reflection of his confidence and status in the music industry.

Behind the sonic appeal of DND is the creative production work of P. Prime. His expertise and skill in crafting beats and melodies play a pivotal role in bringing out the essence of the song, complementing Rema's vocals.

The video was directed by Meji Alabi for JM Films.

Listen to DND here.

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