1da Banton shares scintillating visuals for 'Family'

Renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter, 1da Banton, resurfaces to regale audiences with his latest offering, the much-awaited music video accompanying his love-centric record, Family.

This heartfelt composition finds its origin within the critically acclaimed and lauded six-track EP, aptly titled 1da Shall Never End, where it stands as the resolute third track, epitomizing the very essence of genuine affection entwined with unwavering allegiance.

Through an enchanting lyrical narrative, 1da Banton eloquently expounds on the unshakable devotion embodied by his ardent romantic interest, fortifying her steadfast presence during both tranquil and tumultuous moments, wherein "She dey my side, when e no bam o, when e dey red, pepper no rest, she dey my side." The fervent admiration and unequivocal loyalty he proclaims serve as an affirmation of his unyielding dedication to their profound bond. The visual masterpiece complementing the melodic composition is a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship of 1da Banton.

The cinematic endeavor, captured amidst the enchanting vistas of Europe, was meticulously helmed by the venerable visionary, Adasa Cookey, renowned for his knack for entrancing and song-amplifying visuals. The music video serves as a flawless conduit to augment the song's central message, establishing an indelible connection with its viewers.

Throughout the years, 1da Banton has undeniably emerged as an indomitable force, commanding admiration and acclaim both within the African continent and across Europe's musical landscape. His repertoire resonates with resounding hits such as No Wahala, Ego, and African Woman, testifying to his multifaceted talents as a singer, songwriter, and record producer. Manifestly destined for greatness, 1da Banton's ascendancy commences with the boundless skies as his auspicious starting point, poised to etch an enduring legacy within the annals of contemporary music.

Listen to Family here.

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