Ada Ehi Drops "Another Miracle" Featuring Dena Mwana

Nigerian award-winning Afrocentric pop-worship artist, Ada Ehi has released the highly anticipated single, "Another Miracle" featuring the soulful and talented Dena Mwana.

The new single is an uplifting and soulful gospel anthem that reminds listeners of the power of faith and the miracles that can manifest through belief. The song is a fusion of contemporary gospel sounds, African melodies, and an infectious rhythm that will have audiences dancing and rejoicing. Ada Ehi’s and Dena Mwana’s powerful vocals complement each other seamlessly, creating an enchanting and inspiring musical experience.

The music video for “Another Miracle” is a visual masterpiece that brings the song’s message to life. The video showcases captivating choreography & visuals with a heartwarming narrative that highlights the theme of miracles and divine intervention.



Ada Ehi is a multi-award-winning gospel singer, songwriter, and performer known for her powerful vocals and profound lyrical messages. Hailing from Nigeria, Ada has garnered international acclaim for her unique blend of contemporary gospel, afrobeat rhythms, and inspiring messages of faith and hope.

Dena Mwana is an anointed gospel artist hailing from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her music is characterized by soul-stirring vocals and heartfelt worship. Dena’s devotion to her craft and her deep connection to spirituality have earned her a dedicated global following and numerous accolades in the gospel music scene.

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