[Music + Video] Makolad Praise - KOSOBA

Following the triumphant release of “O'de" Makolad Praise releases a brand-new song called “Kosoba,” along with a music video.

The praise-worship hymn “Kosoba,” which is infused with the essence of African chant, declares God Almighty to be the Supreme King and gives thanks to God Almighty for all that He has accomplished. 
It is sung in both English and Yoruba.
Watch Video Below;

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Ah ya ya ya
No king anywhere

I have seen many monarchs
Democratic "Obas" Authoritative patriarch,

Emperor, Emirs, igwe & the President
They are earthly Kings (ha ha)

They can't make the sun shine
neither make the rain to fall
They can't bring the cold weather, not to talk of heat (hehe)

Oluwa mi mowa yin o oba awon oba
(I've come to praise you, my Lord, the King of Kings)

Chorus: Koso ba bire
(there is no king like you)

Ninu gbogbo awon oba laye
(Among all the kings of the earth)

Kosoba bire oluwa
(There is no king like you lord)

CALL : Kabiyesi Eledumare
(Unquestionable God)

Oba ton Joba laye ati lorun o
(The King that reigns in Heaven & on Earth)

Response: Kosoba bire Oluwa
(There is no king like you lord)

CALL: Ninu gbo awon oba laye
(Among all the kings of the earth)

Response: Kosoba bire oluwa
(There is no king like you, lord)

©️ @Makolad-praise
Produced by Tobass Adolphus

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