1da Banton and Bella Shmurda unveil ecstatic music video for 'Evidence'

Immersing on the critical acclaimed of his latest singles, Evidence and Holy Man, both featuring Bella Shmurda, 1da Banton isn't slowing down. To keep the momentum pumping, he's dropped an ecstatic music video for the fan favorite, Evidence.

Evidence, a smooth tune which answers to the good life, produced by the German trio 255, is quickly becoming a fan favorite. A top-notch visual to complement it was of course, the natural next step.

The music video is a impressive in portraying luxury living. We see 1da Banton and Bella Shmurda leading the charge, basking in their success. The scenes pulsate with excitement, nights on the town, cruising in open-top cars through London, and an overall sense of euphoria.

The song's infectious hook, "And the evidence choke, evidence choke, and the boys dem know, boys dem know, and the everywhere I go," takes center stage, oozing an aura of success and wealth with of course, unlimited evidence.

Director Moe Musa, known for his captivating visuals, elevates the entire production. He crafts a picture of luxury and celebration that perfectly complements the song's energy.

With its catchy melody, critically acclaimed track, and now a stunning music video, Evidence is a potential hit for 1da Banton and Bella Shmurda. The video is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a celebration of success, especially with an Afrobeats twist.

Listen to Evidence here.

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