Shallipopi and Odumudubvlck shine in colorful music video for 'Cast'

Shallipopi's reign as the Presido La Pluto continues with the release of the official music video for Cast, his undeniably catchy collaboration with Odumodublvck. The third track from the debut album bursts onto the scene with a vibrant, visually stunning video directed by Kemz, perfectly capturing the song's essence of pleasure, indulgence, and opulence.

The video opens with a kaleidoscope of colors, setting the stage for a world of extravagance. Shallipopi and Odumodublvck, dressed in eye-catching outfit, reigns over this domain, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women who add a touch of sensuality to the scene. The atmosphere is electric, charged with an undeniable energy that reflects the infectious rhythm of the song.

The lyrics, particularly the controversial line: "If she no f*ck o, if she no suck, who pay for the wig and hand bag," have sparked outrage on social media. While some criticize the line as misogynistic and objectifying, others defend it as an artistic expression within the context of the song's theme. Regardless of interpretation, the line has undoubtedly contributed to the song's virality and helped it become one of the biggest tracks on the Presido La Pluto album.

The production by Busypluto, Shallipopi's frequent collaborator, shines on the track. The beat seamlessly blends Afrobeats elements with contemporary pop sensibilities, creating a soundscape that is both danceable and memorable. Odumodublvck's verse adds a distinct flavor to the mix, complementing Shallipopi's catchy vocals perfectly.

The music video opens a world of vibrant colors, seductive beauty, and unapologetic indulgence, all set against the backdrop of a catchy tune. Whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying that Cast is a smash hit, further solidifying Shallipopi's place as one of the hottest artists in the Nigerian music scene.

Listen to Cast here.

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