Chike unveils colorful music video for Mohbad-assisted hit 'Egwu'

Nigerian singer-songwriter Chike has finally unveiled the official music video for his smash hit, Egwu, featuring the late music sensation, Mohbad. The DeeYasso-produced track, already one of the chart-topping hits in Nigeria in 2024, now has a visually stunning counterpart that perfectly complements the song's energy and pays homage to the departed artist - Mohbad.

Shot and directed by the creative Director Pink, the music video explodes with color, vibrancy, and pure exhilaration. From the opening frames, the visuals immerse viewers in a world of dynamic dance routines, stylish fashion, and infectious energy.

Throughout the video, Chike delivers an impressive performance, his soulful vocals carrying the emotional weight of the song. He is seamlessly joined by Mohbad, whose posthumously featured verses showcase the unique talent that the music industry tragically lost. The combination of their contrasting yet complementary styles creates a truly special experience.

The visuals are a celebration of life, and the enduring power of music. We see diverse groups of dancers come together, their synchronized steps and joyous expressions reflecting the unifying spirit of the song. This celebration serves as a poignant reminder of Mohbad's infectious energy and the joy he brought to his fans and the music industry at large.

While the video undeniably carries a celebratory tone, it also acknowledges the loss of Mohbad with subtle emotional touches. Certain scenes evoke a sense of melancholy, a tribute to the artist's absence while simultaneously exhibiting subtly the lasting impact he left on the music scene.

Listen to Egwu here.

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