Unruly: Watch Olamide's cinematic music video for 'Jinja'

YBNL kingpin, Olamide has astounded the music industry yet again with the release of his much-awaited tenth studio album, titled Unruly. This momentous musical offering, which emerged earlier today, has already ignited a fervent outpouring of admiration from both fans and critics. Among the collection of remarkable tracks on the Unruly album, one gem that has undeniably captured the hearts of many is the resonant composition entitled Jinja, and timely, Olamide has unveiled the music video for the track.

Well positioned as the second track within this sonic tapestry, Jinja boasts the distinct imprint of Olamide's signature style, meticulously brought to life through the skillful production of his frequent creative ally, Eskeez. This entrancing mid-tempo piece possesses an inexplicable allure that commands attention from the very inception.

The visual counterpart mirrors the vitality of the track itself, possessing the ginger (jinja) that the lyrics and rhythm exude. Visually striking and conceptually intriguing, the video serves as a captivating narrative that transports viewers into a cinematic realm of opulence and allure.

At the heart of this visual marvel is the presence of former DMW songstress, Liya, who takes on the central role as the lead vixen. Her commanding presence and enthralling performance synergize seamlessly with the song. The video transcends mere imagery, morphing into a cinematic spectacle that indulges the senses and solidifies the song's thematic resonance.

Befittingly, the video serves as a window into Olamide's extravagant lifestyle, a living testament to his status as a trailblazing musical sovereign. As the video unfolds, viewers are treated to glimpses of Olamide in his regal glory, affirming his position as a kingpin in the Nigerian music space. The opulence, grandeur, and unapologetic confidence showcased in the visual presentation mirror the very essence of the artist himself.

The visionary mind behind this mesmerizing audiovisual endeavor is none other than the accomplished creative director, Jyde Ajala. With an adept hand and an artistic vision, Ajala masterfully translates the essence of Jinja into a visual narrative that resonates deeply with the fans.

Listen to Jinja here.

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