[Music + Video] Alpha and Omega - Tosin Oyelakin

World-renowned UK-based gospel artist Tosin Oyelakin's new release is the visuals for her heartfelt song of worship, Alpha and Omega.

Sung in a mixture of Yoruba and English languages, the song talks about the great and sovereign power of God who is the beginning and the end of all things. It also encourages the worshipper to recount the greatness of The Lord through the works of His hand, and to worship Him for who He is.

“This song will truly elevate and enhance your personal and corporate times spent with ABBA as you add it to your worship music playlist!”

Be blessed in Jesus’ name.

Agape always,

Tosin Oyelakin

Watch Video Below;


LYRICS: Alpha and Omega

Iwo nikan, Ko selomiran ( Besides You, there’s no other)
No one like You, none who compares
My hiding place, my safe refuge
Agbara mi, Oluwa mi (My strength, my Lord)

Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end
Everlasting Father, the great I Am
You deserve my praise 2x
You are worthy Lord 2x
Kabiyesi o, Kabiyesi (Unquestionable King)
Eyin l’Oba awon oba (You are the King of kings)
Olorun mi (My God)

Ogo ye O, iyin ye O (You deserve the glory, You deserve the praise)
Oluwa mi (My Lord)
You alone are God
You are worthy LORD
Every praise I have, every drop of it
It belongs to You


Who can part the sea
Who can make a in the wilderness
No one but You
Ko s’oba bi ire (No king like You)

Who can raise the dead
Make the blind to see
No one but You
No one like You


Oh oh oh
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