Asake unveils the music video for hit record 'Lonely At The Top'

Following the impactful launch of his second album titled, Work of Art, which gave birth to a series of chart-topping hits such as Basquiat, the vibrant Amapiano featuring Olamide, and, of course, the introspective Lonely At The Top, YBNL poster boy, Asake has now unveiled the official music video for the much-beloved track, Lonely At The Top.

Opening with the profound question, "Isn't it funny how you can have all the success in the world and still feel alone?", the video immediately captivates viewers, drawing them into its narrative. The captivating visuals are skillfully directed by the talented team at Blank Square Productions, creating a seamless visual accompaniment to the song's lyrical depth.

Crafted under the skillful production prowess of the certified hitmaker, Blaise Beatz, Lonely At The Top finds its place as the twelfth track within Asake's sophomore album, Work of Art. Remarkably, this particular song has risen to prominence as one of the standout pieces within the LP.

As the evocative melody unfolds, the music video adeptly captures the essence of the track, delving into themes of success, isolation, and the emotional complexities that often accompany achievement. The juxtaposition of Asake's emotive performance and the visually striking storytelling heightens the impact of the song's message.

The album itself, Work of Art, represents a significant milestone in Asake's artistic journey, showcasing his growth as an artist. Mere hours ago, news broke that Asake's highly anticipated concert at the renowned O2 Arena in London has achieved a remarkable feat: it's officially sold out. This achievement not only underscores the artist's soaring popularity but also solidifies the notion that his trajectory towards greatness is inevitable. Undeterred by any obstacles, Asake is undoubtedly on a relentless journey, steadfastly moving forward with unwavering determination and an unwavering commitment to his craft. This is only a glimpse of the remarkable journey that lies ahead for this exceptional talent.

Listen to Loney At The Top here.

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