Music: Baba E Shindara | @ Ev. Bisi Alawiye Aluko

Bisi Alawiye-Aluko  popularly known as Mama Shindara. A dynamic, versatile and  high praise singer is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter and a recording artiste. Born 23rd July, in Ilesha,  Osun state western Nigeria. Due to the background as a Muslim and the father as a polygamist, she is 13th of 15 children.
She is a deep worshiper whose abysmal sense of giving eulogy and encomium to the ancient of days makes the difference in her songs.
Endowed with a sonorous,deep captivating and alluring voice which pierce the soul to sooth and comfort the downtrodden.
Listen to her music and you will not only enjoy the dexterity of well blended percussion and strings but you will at d same time forget your pains, seek salvation and embrace hope. Let's wish her more groundbreaking success in her career.
Remain Lifted in Christ. Amen

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